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Download DVD Elton John Jimmy Fallon 31 03 2011

Elton John Rips the ‘Glee’ Haters on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ (VIDEO)

With the recent spate of celebrities and musicians lashing out against the good-hearted musical tendencies of Glee, one of pop music’s most outspoken people has finally come to its defense.
Elton John dropped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night and when the conversation turned to how everyone from Dave Grohl to SNL alum Victoria Jackson have bashed the hit show, Elton let loose with one of his signature snark bombs: “Lighten up, you a–holes” he said.
“It’s a compliment when someone records or does one of your songs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bad version, it’s just a compliment, so I’ve never lost that thrill,” John said.
He went on to single out one band in particular: “Kings of Leon, lighten up guys. Come on.”
The Kings of Leon had a particularly nasty battle with the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, following their diss of the show. The two camps went back and forth in a snippy Twitter and quote war, while recently SNL actress Victoria Jackson bashed the show’s homosexual relationships.



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American Idol S10E22 Top 11 Perform Songs Of Elton John HDTV XviD-2HD

American Idol S10E22 Top 11 Perform Songs Of Elton John HDTV XviD-2HD

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Season 10, Episode 22 – “The Top 11 Finalists Perform The Songs Of Elton John”
After last week’s Judges’ Save, the American Idol Top 11 finalists perform Live once again hoping to impress the judges and the nation. After the performances, it is up to America to vote. Tune in to see who amazes the judges and who falls flat. Tonight’s Theme Is: Elton John songs Performing Tonight Are: Casey Abrams Haley Reinhart Jacob Lusk James Durbin Lauren Alaina Naima Adedapo Paul McDonald Pia Toscano Scotty McCreery Stefano Langone Thia Megia.
American Idol S10E22 Top 11 Perform Songs Of Elton John HDTV XviD-2HD


Two Rooms is a radio program that celebrates the music of Elton John and Bernie Taupin collectively and their work with other artists. The program is hosted by David Sigler and will feature themed programming that explores John and Taupin's rich and varied music catalog.

Why the name Two Rooms? To put it simply, Elton John and Bernie Taupin write their songs separately - in one room Bernie writes the lyrics and in another room, Elton writes the melody, hence they compose songs in "two rooms".

Plus, Two Rooms is an abbreviated title of a song from Elton's 1980 album, 21 At 33 called Two Rooms At The End Of The World in which the song, written with Bernie, explains the reunion of their brief songwriting split in the late 1970's.

Two Rooms is also the name of a tribute album from 1991 where other artists covered songs written by Elton and Bernie.

Each program will be themed and is designed to enighten listeners about songs they may not hear on commercial radio stations. The focus will always be on the music with features such as "Album Track Spotlight", "Taupin Spotlight", "Sover Spotlight", "Long Distance Dedications", "Live Tracks", and interviews with reknown Elton John historians.

The show airs from Massachusetts on 92.1 WOMR in Provincetown and 91.3 WFMR in Orleans and streaming worldwide at www.womr.org. Check this page for dates and times as well as
 www.facebook.com/tworoomsejbt for more information!
Thanks for listening and spread the word!

Unread Message [-]
I tuned into that radio station on line last night and there was nothing of Elton between midnight and 1am.  When does the Two Rooms show air? What's odd is that on the WOMR website it showed Two Rooms and the time being midnight-1am.

Okay, now I see on the website schedule Two Rooms.  I mistakenly thought it was on early this morning meaning Friday, but it was actually on early morning on Thursday!  Darn!  Oh well, maybe the show will be on again sometime!

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Unread Message Two Rooms Broadcast Time [-]
Thanks for checking out the show. The show current broadcasts on Wednesday nights at midnight, EST on www.womr.org. I am working to get an earlier time slot but right now, this is the only time the station has available. Also, sorry for the couple of typo's in the original post, trying to get the word out quickly!! You can always check for updates at www.facebook.com/tworoomsejbt.

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